Alternative ZombieHorde


So what this site is all about, find out by clicking the image or click here

The latest and final release of the plugin. There will be no new versions for this anymore. Since is now closed and perhaps will be gone later on, i have no choice but to host the files if someone needs them so check out:

Final 1.1 for Windows & Linux! (plugin not updated anymore)
Version 0.3.2 for Linux only! (plugin not updated anymore)

Anticamp file archive for ZombieHorde. Check out if there is already an anticamp file created for your custom map from here so you dont need to create one yourself! To save a file, just right click it with your right mouse button and save it. After that, transfer it to your server under the directory ~/cstrike/cfg/zh/

There are also some anticamp files here which come along the official pack. Got a .zhdat which is missing from the archive? Send it to us to the address below and i will add it to the archive! Note the spamprotection (Remove the word SPAm from the address!).

The history of Zombie related plugins/mods in Counter-Strike Source, as I know it. Read whole story here!

If you have any questions, email to
(Remove the word SPAM from the address, i dont need more junkmail)