Welcome and lets get to the point

NOTE! If you want only to play this one, you DONT NEED TO DOWNLOAD anything! Just connect to the server which is running this and you will get all the files you need from there!

To test this out, connect to Nollapingi.net - Pelipurkki #3 CSS-Futis (running 1.1) -WB- Planeettapelaaja.com # 1 [Futis] (running 1.0)

Some crapheads decited to rip this page 100%, EXCEPT the sig which says the creator, date and contact e-mail. Do NOT support them or their community! Have a look at their crappy rip site on http://ncsteam.orgfree.com


v1.0 Initial release.
- 2 player models.
- 1 map by lolobubu
- 1 addon script by lolobubu

v1.1 ICS update
- addons for 1.0
- 4 new player models by Larssonal2006 done for server-side by ics
- new scripts and sounds to make the game mode more interesting
- reduced slap count while someone knifes others (he wont fly high)

What is this?

This is a fooball "mod", or soccer "mod" as we should be calling this for Counter-Strike Source using LOLOBUBU's map feat player skins done by ICS with custom additions and configurations. There is also matties eventscripts involved on this.

Why ?

Out of pure desire to help out, there is no catch in this. Saw this mao on one server and people were knifing eachothers which totally in my opinion, ruined the game. As i understand this, or would like to understand, the idea is to score a goal with the team, NOT kill all!

So what did you actually added in to this?

Well, first of all, as i see it the idea is to make goals with the team and not go around killing each others like some people seems to do. I added more health for the teams so they wont die so easily + i added 1 skin for each side so all players look like real players with numbered shirts and so on. 2 teams against eachothers, with current skins its Guerilla Tactics (T) vs UrbaniaCS (CT). Fair play and no idiots to screw up the game by killing others!

1.0 models (default ones in both packages):

1.1 addon models:

What are requirements for this?

- Working Counter-Strike Source server
- Mani-admin-plugin installed
- Matties Eventscripts installed

Keeping player size in 10-20 players is a recommendation, it gets too messy otherwise. Too many people go after the ball while they should be playing their own position.

So, where can i download this?

VERSION 1.0, click the button below

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

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Version 1.1, click the button below

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Now that i have it, what can i do with it?

There is a community called PeliPurkki which is making a soccer league soon. Its currently gathering teams and people who want to play this as a team aganst eachothers. Their main website is in Finnish but the soccer site is completely English. The website which they are doing can be found from www.pelipurkki.net/soccer and its really worth looking for. this website lists servers which run the soccer maps and you can find clans contact information from there later on.

What future plans are there if any?

More player skins as this is really a soccer "mod". I'm hoping LOLOBUBU would contact me so i can make requests for the new maps he is propably making and i will be adding to the pack :-)
I'd like to say that everyone who can, could make more player skins for MAPS! If you are planning to do so or done few already, gimme a link to them so people know where to get them and get more fun to their server! Also other mappers greatly needed ! :-)

- ICS @ 29st of June 2006. Contact information: icSPAMs@ics-base.net
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