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NOTE! Some of these maps are larger than 16 megabytes. If you do not use separate download host for maps, you must put this cvar into your server.cfg and restart the server. Otherwise the map wont download to players! The cvar is: net_maxfilesize 64

ALL MAPS here on this site are created by ICS. All of these maps have 64 spawns and good fps rate. If you don't believe me, click the images for more information about the maps, which servers use them and try out them yourself too! Note that you are NOT allowed to make any adjustments into the maps or do remake or similiar out of them!


- Played on over 139 servers!
(Out 3rd of October 2008, Updated 16th of August 2011)

Dust-themed map with original layout and gameplay.


(Out 29th of May 2011!)

Nice map with a theme of fall/autumn.


(Out 21st of May 2011!)

An Assasination (VIP) map for the fans of the gamemode. Isku remake with new winter theme.


- Played on over 73 servers!
(Out 13th of January 2010!)

Detailed map with lots of interesting ways to play out


- Played on over 97 servers!
(Out 3rd of August 2008, Updated 31st of July 2009!)

Nice looking, fast paced map with multiple routes.


- Played on over 75 servers!
(Out 11th of May 2009)

Very fast paced map with intensive gameplay like you have never seen before!


- Played on over 89 servers!
(Out 20th of February 2009)

Original map aimed for clan players with nice layout. Suits great for anyone else too!


- Played on over 34 servers!
(Out 28th of October 2008)

An Assasination (VIP) map for the fans of the gamemode. Hiekka remake with new theme.