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Copying, editing or redistributing this guide without permission is forbidden. This guide is free, the skins/models are free. If you paid from these, you have been ripped off! I have not affiliated with any company and i do not sell anything. Everything here is served as it is. That's it.

Counter-Strike Source admin skins installation guide


This guide will walk you through from start to finnish how to install admin-skins to your server. This installation will be made by using Mani-Admin-Plugin so you need to have that installed on your server. First you need to download the skins which you want to have. It helps if you know name of the original skins so you know which skins you want to get. You can also get them all if you like. However, skins come in pack of 2 or even all in one package. 1 Terrorist skin and 1 Counter-Terrorist skin per pack. Originally Valve released the models in pairs so everytime they introduced new skins for the game, i created admin version of them too. From the image below, you can see which models where first and which last. From left to right by using original skin names: (click for bigger image)

ct_urban,  t_phoenix,  ct_gign,   t_guerilla,    ct_sas,      t_leet,      ct_gsg9,     t_arctic

So there you go. You should now be able to select the models you want to have or all in 1 package. Just download corresponding package(s) to your pc. This is a good idea since you have to open the rar-packages where they are before uploading them to your gameserver. These skinpacks are located on my fileserver. If you downloaded these same skins from anywhere else (Like FPSBANANA), i cannot guarantee if they are the same and work ok because i have never uploaded any of my skins there. To avoid any conflicts or mishaps, download these skins only through my site on ics-base.net including all sub-dirs or tomi.1g.fi including all sub-dirs (the location below):

Download one by one:

ct_urban & t_phoenix, the first 2 player models, Link #1 1,78MB
Mirror 1: http://tomi.1g.fi/ics/skins/fixed_admin_skins.rar
Mirror 2: http://www.ics-base.net/css_skins/skins/fixed_admin_skins.rar (for IE users)

ct_gign & t_guerilla, the second 2 player models, Link #2 1,65MB
Mirror 1: http://tomi.1g.fi/ics/skins/gign_guerilla_admin.rar
Mirror 2: http://www.ics-base.net/css_skins/skins/gign_guerilla_admin.rar (for IE users)

ct_sas & t_leet, the 3rd pair player models, Link #3 1,70MB
Mirror 1: http://tomi.1g.fi/ics/skins/sas_leet_admin.rar
Mirror 2: http://www.ics-base.net/css_skins/skins/sas_leet_admin.rar (for IE users)

ct_gsg9 & t_arctic, the 4th and last pair of player models, Link #4 1,75MB
Mirror 1: http://tomi.1g.fi/ics/skins/gsg9_arctic_admin.rar
Mirror 2: http://www.ics-base.net/css_skins/skins/gsg9_arctic_admin.rar (for IE users)

Or download all in one:

All 8 admin models in 1 package, Link #5 6,89MB
Mirror 1: http://tomi.1g.fi/ics/skins/all_in_1_adminskins.rar
Mirror 2: http://www.ics-base.net/css_skins/skins/all_in_1_adminskins.rar (for IE users)

Now go to the directory where you saved the skins which you wanted. Then use WinRAR, WinZIP or similiar program to open package(s). Once you got it open, you will notice that in every package, there is click_me folder and under that, you see a cstrike folder and readme.txt once opened. That readme.txt contains a link to this guide and some additional information. The cstrike folder there in a matter of speaking is the same as your server cstrike folder and you should replace the cstrike folder on your server with this one. Don't do anything yet, keep reading!

Get rid off the skins you don't need before uploading. These 2 examples should say which files you can delete (the ones that are not needed since you don't use them). If you are unsure, just upload them all. This wont do any harm to you or to your server. Only few Megabytes more to upload. If you did this, then go to part 2, INSTALLING THE SKINS. Otherwise follow these examples:

Optional examples, if you plan to delete those non-needed files which you don't want.

Example 1: While you extract files, make sure you upload the right cstrike folder and its contents. At this point, if you want lets say ct_urban and t_leet skins, you have downloaded 2 packages which are Link #1 and Link #3. This means that you also got t_phoenix skin and ct_sas skin. You do not need these files since you don't use them. We want to delete them now before uploading so go to the folder where you opened the package. Click the click_me folder and you get cstrike folder and readme.txt. Then click the cstrike folder and you get 2 more folders, which are materials and models. Under these folders, pathstructure is like this:

materials/models/player/ics/. - under this there is ct_urban, t_phoenix, t_leet and ct_sas. folders. Delete ct_sas. and t_phoenix. Leave the rest in place.

models/player/ics/ - under this there is ct_urban, t_phoenix, t_leet and ct_sas folders. Delete ct_sas and t_phoenix . Leave the rest in place.

Now you will have 2 skins left, t_leet and ct_urban which we originally wanted.

Example 2: Let's say you want 3 skins per side. Only skins you do not want are ct_gign and t_arctic. Of course easiest way to get them installed is to download total package of all skins from Link #5. After downloaded, we still have those 2 skins which we dont want so we go dig some directories again. Open package, click the click_me folder and you get cstrike folder and readme.txt. Then click the cstrike folder and you get 2 more folders, which are materials and models. Under these folders, pathstructure is like this:

materials/models/player/ics/ - under this there is ct_ gign, ct_urban, ct_gsg9, t_guerilla, t_phoenix, t_leet, t_arctic and ct_sas folders. Delete ct_gign and t_arctic folders. Leave the rest in place.

models/player/ics/ - under this there is ct_ gign, ct_urban, ct_gsg9, t_guerilla, t_phoenix, t_leet, t_arctic and ct_sas folders. Delete ct_gign and t_arctic folders. Leave the rest in place.

Now you have 6 skins left, only the ones we wanted.


First step
As first part of the installation, just replace the cstrike folder of your server with the one that you just got by opening the files. So do that now. Open FTP or SSH connection or something similiar which you use to transfer files to your server and do it. You can do this safely. Files wont be used by the server untill we make the server use them. You don't need to restart your server either so don't bother doing that. Just upload these files now to avoid later conflicts with missing files.

Second step
This is the part where you actually have to think a bit. Depending from the models, you have to choose which skins you want to have. Actually, that was the case before with the old guide. Since then, i have improved the guide so now you only need to get a package which contains all these files ready. No more copypaste which might have resulted into errors in the past and complicated files. You just have to choose the skins you want to run and thats it. So start downloading with this package. Inside of it, there is structure of text files and folders that are needed.

Inside the pack there are folders: cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin/skins/ and under those folders, there are 2 more folders which are ct_admin and t_admin + 2 files which you must edit. These 2 files are admin_ct.txt and admin_t.txt. Do not edit any other files or folders, only these 2. What you need to know next is that which skins you put on your server. Insides of the files look like this (only the part that you need to edit):


//"ADMIN Urban" ct_urban.txt
//"ADMIN GIGN" ct_gign.txt
//"ADMIN SAS" ct_sas.txt
//"ADMIN GSG9" ct_gsg9.txt


//"ADMIN Phoenix" t_phoenix.txt
//"ADMIN Guerilla" t_guerilla.txt
//"ADMIN L33t" t_leet.txt
//"ADMIN Arctic" t_arctic.txt

By default, all skins are set OFF. If you upload the content as it is, none of the skins will be loaded. To load a skin, remove the 2 slashes in front of the line in those files. By slash i mean a line that looks like this: /

In other words, if you want ct_urban and t_leet, remove the // in front of
"ADMIN Urban" ct_urban.txt in admin_ct.txt
"ADMIN L33t" t_leet.txt in admin_t.txt. Do not touch the other lines.

If you want to use them all, just remove all the slashes in front of all 4 lines. It is as simple as that. Just make sure your server has those skinfiles too. Otherwise it is a no go and server will crash due to file not found.

Third step
Get a copy of your server file called server.cfg and mani_server.cfg. Place these 2 files into cstrike/cfg/ folder which you just downloaded (the one with skin files which you just edited, that same pack). Then open these 2 files in your favorite text editor. We need to tune up few settings. If the cvar doesnt exist, add it there. If it exists, just change it's value. These may not be in server.cfg but mani_server.cfg has them all. You just may need to change their values.


sv_allowdownload 1
(we want to allow skin downloads for players)

sv_downloadurl ""
(If you use it, you should have your host address in it. If you don't use it, just include it like this. WARNING! You must also upload the skins to your download host to corresponding location in order to download skins to players, see more help from step four, TROUBLESHOOTING)

net_maxfragments 1400
(If you dont use sv_downloadurl, you want to have this on config. Speeds up skins download a bit to players)


mani_skins_admin 1
(Allow admins to use these skins)

mani_skins_public 0
(If you use other skins for public players, change this to 1)

mani_skins_force_public 0
(We dont force 1 skin on the list to anyone (public)

mani_skins_setskin_misc_only 0
(Misc skins, leave to 0 if you dont know what to do.)

mani_skins_auto_download 1
(We need to make every player download the skins)

mani_skins_reserved 0
(Reserved skins, leave to 0 if you dont know what to do)

mani_skins_force_choose_on_join 1
(0 = OFF, 1 for skin menu, 2 for settings menu. We want the skins menu so 1)

mani_skins_random_bot_skins 0
(Random public skins for bots? We set no.)

Did you save your changes? Make sure you did. Check also that the skins are in correct places so there is no cstrike folder on your server cstrike directory. You really need to replace that cstrike on server with the cstrike that i told you to. Ok, now you can upload the rest of the content to the server. This includes the configs of skins, server and mani-admin-plugin. After this, you must restart the server so changes take effect. Do this now. If you did everything correctly, you will have a working server with skins. Go to server, join a team and you should get a menu where to select your favorite admin skin. You can also type settings into the chat on server and select your skin from there.

3. ALL DONE, yeehaa!

If not, it's time for Fourth step, aka troubleshooting.

No skins menu, no skins on settings
- If no such menu appear or settings doesn't show the skins, you messed up somewhere. Most likely reason for this is wrong configuration. Check admin_ct.txt and admin_t.txt first. If those lines for skins are uncommented that you wanted to install, then check settings in mani_server.cfg. After that, check that you really restarted the server and not just changed map. This is all configuration errors you may experience.

Invisible, ERROR players and sv_downloadurl
- You see walking red ERROR signs on server or invisible players with only guns visible. Most likely reason for this is that skins do not download. Check your server.cfg and mani_server.cfg again to see if your values there are the same as in this guide. Also if you use sv_downloadurl, you should know that the skinfiles also must be on your sv_downloadurl host too! So upload them to there! Do not upload the cstrike folder itself, just materials and models folders next to the one which include maps folder. If you really use download host, you know where these go. Third reason may be that you or another player on your server is filtering downloads. This leads to the error signs or invisible players. Type sv_downloadfilter all to your console to allow downloads. Like you would thought, this defines what you want to download, not what to block. If your server players are blocking downloads and complain errors, thats their problem. You can tell them to turn downloads on with that cvar, or to use cl_minmodels 1 which will display only default Valve models or if they refuse, simply say: Go to hell then.

Server wont start at all
- Oops, looks like you did something wrong. Dont be alarmed. Most likely reason is that you enabled a skin and did not upload all its files to the server so server goes down because it cant load the skin you said for it to load. Either upload correct files to the server or simply uncomment those skins in admin_t.txt and admin_ct.txt to start the server without those skins. After that it will start fine.

OK, this is it. Not much more i can do for you :-)


Created 8th of Feb 2006 by ICS

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- Added 2 new models
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